We will be informing you of all the exciting developments taking place at our new showroom at The Clock Tower, 167 Castle Boulevard in Nottingham. Please keep checking our blog, face book and website (http://www.ocean-designs.co.uk) for regular updates. We really appreciate your encouragement and thank you in advance for your future involvement in this venture. Lets us begin this journey.

First of all, let me tell you a little bit about Ocean Designs Ltd if I may (as I am sure it helps to know who we are, don’t you think?). Okay, I am so glad you agree so here it goes.

We create luxurious natural hand-woven furniture. Our elegant and timeless furniture has been designed in the UK. We are adamant that it will enhance and complement any living space; from a traditional conservatory to a modern reception room.

We place special emphasis on comfort as we want you to truly enjoy our furniture for a very long time. (Don’t take my word for it, please come to our showroom and try it for yourself).

Our aim from the start has been to design furniture that goes beyond the normal range you find in traditional shops; our designs offer a perfect blend of classical and contemporary style and are perfect for formal gatherings or informal family get-togethers.

We even have some quirky items like an apple day bed, how about that for an incentive to come to our show room and of course you meet our friendly and helpful staff, some of whom love to banter. (Not going to mention any names!)

Our commitment and promise is to provide you, our valuable customers with a truly bespoke service. One of the ways in which we offer this unique service is by providing you with a huge choice of fabrics to make your furniture reflect your tastes and preferences.

The affordability and variety in our fabrics means that you may decide to order additional and different types of coverings; in case you like a change in the colour scheme (I am always changing the colour schemes of my rooms to suit current design trends!)  We have a large selection of our own brands; in addition we also have designer ranges such as Designer Guild, Malabar, Nina Campbell, Osborne & Little and Swaffer.

I must now tell you about the transformation of our new Showroom from a rundown and neglected place to a truly wonderful and much loved space. From the start, our architectural and aesthetic design strategy was to enhance and transform the space, making it into a unique and contemporary showpiece to reflect our design ethos whilst respecting the industrial heritage and history of the site.

The following photographs will help to illustrate this challenging and rewarding endeavour.


Main courtyard – before                              Main courtyard – after


Main Showroom entrance – before            Main Showroom entrance – after


Main showroom – before                            Main showroom – after

Main frontage (Castle Boulevard) – before



Main frontage (Castle Boulevard) – after

Now to some more exciting news especially for those of you who love an opportunity to acquire great furniture at a jaw dropping price.  We have now opened a clearance warehouse with really great offers but you must hurry as once it goes, its gone.

Here is a bit of insider information, if any of the colour/coverings doesn’t suit your taste then you could always pay additional extras for new coverings. So do visit us and feel free to browse. More to follow so please keep an eye on our blog for more exciting updates and creative tips.

Anyway, I must dash as more new amazing stock has arrived and I am needed to offer my creative inputs in arranging the displays.