Hello and welcome back. As promised in my first blog entry, I’m back with an update. Let us begin with the Launch party.  I never knew how much work is required to organise an event. However all the hard work was worth the effort as we had a good turnout and a very successful day. Well done to everyone who contributed to its success and many thanks to those who turned up.

The light refreshments including the bubbly were particularly well received. I resisted the temptation to have a second glass of bubbly, partly because  no one else had a second  plus I was still on duty. Some of the photographs below offer a glimpse of the event.




The event provided a great opportunity to show our new ranges. I must say that the dining ranges and upholstery furniture that we have introduced are really nice (following of course  in the steps of our great current ranges) and would be perfect for any discerning clientele in any setting. Don’t take my word for it , please come and see it for yourself. Some examples of the new ranges are shown below.


Please also note that we have now introduced made to measure curtains and blinds; offering a variety in style and a large selection of fabric choice.  Now you don’t have to worry if your furniture will compliment your curtains because the choice on offer and helpful design advise will ensure that you achieve the perfect look.

The launch party also included the opening of the art exhibition by Nottinghamshire local artists. Our sincere thanks to everyone who showed an interest to exhibit but unfortunately we were unable to accommodate many talented artists for various reasons.

The ongoing exhibition offers a selection of artistic styles which compliment their exhibiting  setting. We hope that all the hard work of artists and curating team would be appreciated and again well done for all their hard work. Please note that we will be refreshing art work and exhibiting works by new artists on an ongoing basis so do keep popping in. Exhibiting Artists:

Ann Clay – Paintings

Ben Rawson – Photography

Charles Icke – Paintings

Emma Fawcett – Paintings

Imran Naseer – Paintings & drawings

John Shaw – Mixed Media & Photography

Kate Lawrence – Paintings

Linda Dearden –  Arts & Crafts

Shooqi Atrabi – Watercolours

Must go now but I shall be back with another update so please keep checking. Bye for now.